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Wedding professionals pride themselves on producing awe inspiring weddings. We spend our days dreaming up and researching ways to make our clients weddings out of this world. How many of us charge for these ideas?

In the ideal world we would get paid for our brilliant ideas. In reality  this does not happen as often as most would hope for. Ideas and designs are too illusive and too arbitrary for most people to attribute any real value to them. Yet knowledge and experience of breathing life into designs is not arbitrary, it is tangible and in fact valuable. If you feel that you cannot charge for an idea, then why not put a value to your expertise?

As a wedding planner your expertise rests on the number of weddings you have produced, nuber of years in the industry, what you have learnt and how much time/money you invested in your business (equipment, overheads, staff, research, education, brain storming, refining your portfolio). Only you know your level of dedication to your craft and the financial investment into your company.

I had many planners asking me how much do I charge in my own business Splendid Wedding Company, and whilst I don’t feel that my fees are a state secret and I will share my fee structures at the upcoming workshop, I still believe that individual planners need to price their services based on the experience and value they bring to the wedding. My advice, when pricing your wedding planning services you need to understand your level of experience coupled with how many hours you are prepared to allocate to a wedding. Don’t be afraid to build up on your pricing. As you learn and grow with every wedding, you need to adjust your pricing to value your experience.


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