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It seems like in this day and age anyone can be a wedding planner, but standing out as a GREAT wedding planner is becoming harder and harder, or is it?  Many planners site rife competition coupled with unrealistic client expectations and economic pressures left them feeling lost and unsure about how to grow their wedding planning business and stay passionate at the same time.

Join my intense  THREE days “Back to Basics Wedding Planning Workshop” on 3-5 September 2019 at the new and exciting venue Lieu Du Grace.

During these three days you will be able to ask your questions, share your roadblocks, and gain wisdom and direction in our intimate, interactive group experience ending the workshop with a creative day filled with inspiration.

“The perfect blend of
creative and business.”

“Back to Basics Wedding Planning Workshop” is aimed at wedding planners of all levels. Why? Because planning a wedding is as straight forward as your ABCs and whilst the complexity of each event may vary, if you stick to your basics you can only build up on each and every wedding you plan.

DAY 1 – Wedding Planning ABCs and When Things Get HARD

  • What wedding planning means in 2019
  • Wedding Planning Workflow – from signing up your client to closing their file. We will focus on every stage of planning the wedding
  • Comprehensive Wedding Budget – tools, templates and spreadsheets you can utilise
  • Ways to create value for your clients
  • Time management tools and wedding planning software that will save your sanity and make you invaluable to your clients before and after the wedding

Every creative business can reach a point where things are just HARD. Wedding planner often find themselves in a rut and facing many challenges. Often these situations are created by lack of boundaries. Many creatives battle to say “No” and as a result end up doing multitude of tasks outside their scope leading to frustrations.

  • Ways not to avoid the conflict but arming yourself with effective conflict resolution techniques when conflict happens
  • How to be prepared for the worst and survive
  • What are your legal rights when client is unhappy
  • How to reduce risk and protect yourself

DAY 2 – Creativity and Reality

On the second day we will discuss the styling component of the wedding and current reality related to our venue spaces, budget matters, availability of design materials and stresses involved in creating a beautiful wedding.

We will discuss the impact social media has on our creativity and I will share my strategies when discussing styling with my clients.

I will be sharing my creative concept from initial contact with a potential couple to execution of their wedding:

  • Splendid Wedding Design Philosophy
  • Moodboard, design files and look books – what’s the difference?
  • Floor Plan – why is it so important
  • Table top styling – my tips and tricks
  • Logistics behind a beautiful wedding – how to plan your set ups

DAY 3 –All things BEAUTIFUL! 

Creators need to CREATE. We can talk about design principles until we are blue in the face, but until we actually get our hands messy and experiment we can’t fully comprehend the power of our creativity.

There will be flowers… LOADS of flowers for you to get your creative juices flow! There will be beautiful design elements which you can incorporate and you will be able to create styled looks and walk away with beautiful  portfolio images.

Each participant will receive a wedding planning pack – wedding planning guide, forms, templates, as well as a special gift from me.

Investment: R8500

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