I was incredibly blessed to spend two very rainy days in December with these creative ladies who came to learn from me.

Day 1

We spent the first day going over fundamentals of design business and we discussed the important of you Design Statement as a cornerstone for you as a designer, florist and a creative soul.

I shared my design philosophy and my processes of creating Splendid weddings for my couples. We also discussed the logistics behind complex floral jobs that include installations, features and other intricate designs.

We discussed pricing and how impotent it is to build a business using your creativity that supports your goals.

Day 2

It continued to rain on the second day of the workshop as we started woking on the 10 meter floral design. We took an ordinary corner and transformed it into a whimsical floral garden using natural greenery and exquisite florals such as peonies, rhinocculas, hydrangea and stunning garden roses.

Creating installations can be intimidating at first, but once you get your hands busy with branches and flowers it all comes naturally. I was impressed by these ladies and how fast they were going!

There was so much laughter as we worked and it’s hard to believe that this magnificant cascading floral piece was made only a few hours to complete.

We discussed importance of colour when ‘painting’ with flowers. I shared one of my most cherished tools – the colour wheel. It was incredible how adding a certain colour, which one would think would clash with everything we have done, in fact brought the whole floral composition together and made most unexpected impact on the designs.

I sincerely hope that everyone left inspired and filled with new found confidence they will take with them into 2020 and I am looking forward to seeing their creations in the coming year

Massive shout out to Jaco Knight, Memoire for hosting us over two days and making sure we had everything we needed to create magic.

Thank you to Secret Diary for your gorgeous stationery which looked stunning on the styling boards created by Creative Barn. Whimsical Duchesse provided stunning linens and all florals were supplied by Mike, AMP Floral.

Thank you Christiaan David Photography to capturing our labour of love and we can’t wait to see the video next year 🙂

I am so blessed to have such incredible creative partners!

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