So you booked a client, what’s next? Very often, the hardest point is to start wedding planning process on the right foot.  Every couple is very different, with different ideas and requirements; some already booked their venue, or a photographer or even sent out their save the dates… Where do you fit into this picture and how do you take control of the situation right from the world GO? One of the biggest frustration I heard from planners revolves around brides jumping the gun and not sticking to the wedding planing process. This is counterproductive and can cause a rift between a client and a planner. My only solution is having a workflow in your wedding planning process.

Workflow is imperative to the success of your business and managing multiple number of weddings at a time. It will keep you focused, save you time and help you to maintain a healthy relationship with your clients.

Workflow and checklists are different. Workflow provides structure to the wedding planning process, a step by step guide of what needs to happen and when whilst checklists are tasks and activities with deadlines. Each workflow category will contain a relevant checklist.

We are all different, and our services vary and for that reason there is no universal formula to planning a wedding. Most wedding planners I spoke to, dread admin part of wedding planning. We want to be creative and whilst a sheer thought of admin can put a damper on your day, it is the pinnacle of what wedding planning is all about. Putting together a firm workflow is a time consuming exercise and it requires discipline, deep analysis of your activities and your business model and clear understanding of your deliverables. I know this kind of talk doesn’t sound very weddingly, but if you put effort in getting this sorted you will have a lot more free time for creative and fun aspect of wedding planning business.

I made a conscious decision in January 2015 to create a very clear path from the moment the client signs up to their wedding day. It took me  a year to fine tune my current workflow. And after each wedding, I review, adjust and tweak my workflow. I want to make the process uncomplicated for couples, easy to understand and easy to follow. As my company is growing and new co-ordinators joining my team, I want to make sure that everyone are not the same page, making it easy for everyone to access information and be on top of the wedding planning process.

Want to improve your productivity from the start of the wedding planning process?

  • The best thing to do is to is to make a list of everything you offer and manage and then group these services per category
  • Find a logical progression between services, tasks and wedding planning. Think back to your past weddings, is there anything you would have done differently? What worked, what didn’t, and why?
  • Identify your ultimate favourite tasks and the ones your dread the most. To help yourself enjoy the process move the dreaded tasks up the priority list, followed by the two of your favourite tasks. This way you don’t waste time procrastinating and you are rewarding yourself with positive tasks.
  • Create a document explaining your workflow to your clients. Keep it simple, this should not be a novel, but rather a guide.
  • Print your workflow and file it in every wedding file, give it to your clients so they understand the progressional of wedding plans. Print a larger version and hang it in your office to help you stay on track.

For inspiration look at Designaglow. They sell photography workflow templates, but you can adapt them to your wedding planning business.



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