It is Friday and in the wedding world this is crunch time, count down and sweat the small stuff time. So many of you are busy doing your final checks, calls and preparing for the show time.

Remember that your clients are feeling anxious, stressed and emotional at this time.  As it gets closer to the wedding, the more anxious, stressed and emotional they get. Why not give them a call and let them know that you have everything under control? Remember, it is your job to keep your clients calm. It is always best to keep your clients busy at this time. You can suggest lunch with friends, spa day and time with close family.

Avoid making your clients worried. If there is a problem, do everything you can to solve it before calling your client. I recommend that you get contact details of ‘to go to’ person in case of an emergency. It is usually a sibling, uncle or a close friend who can be calm under pressure. Always have a solution before you make a call.

As you are getting ready for a wedding, here are five essential things you need to do to stay focused on the wedding day:

1. Go over your final document and read ALL emails from your clients during the entire planning process.

2. Charge your phone, iPad, laptop and pack your chargers and adapters. If you are on ‘pay as you go’ make sure you have adequate airtime.

3. Make sure your car is ready, and make sure your fuel tank is full.

4. Lay out your clothes, shoes (always pack 2 pairs), make-up kit, hair brush and accessories.  Pack food, snacks and water for yourself.

5. Get at least 6 hours of sleep

Good luck everyone!


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