We are all talented. Please believe it. Every single one of us who started a creative business is talented – let’s give each other a round of applause.

Wedding industry is highly competitive and may seem like there is a major overflow of wedding planners, co-ordinators, florists, decorators, photographers, DJs. It seems like the only way to generate income is to compete on pricing, and not talent.

Your talent was given to you so that you can use it to bring beauty to the world (exercise your passion) and better your own life in the process (being able to provide for yourself and your family financially).

Raise your hand if you know how hard it is to create a wedding, from start to finish? Raise your hand if you felt the pain in your body, got through an injury sustained during the wedding set up, and even pushed yourself to work on the brink go giving birth, having your loved one at the hospital, or being sick?How many of you lost friends since you started your business? How many of you have a strained relationship with your family because of your business? How many of you are sleep deprived, stressed and walking around with constant anxiety?

Raise your hand if you know that deep seated feeling knowing that you should have done better, and could have done better, IF only you could have better resources woe work with  (better computer, better decor stock, better equipment, better staff, better quality of flowers).

And now raise your hands if you are in a financial trouble because you took on business that ended up costing you money? Let me give you some real life examples: incuring additional travel costs, paying additional staff members your required for a set up, paying for your own accommdation, taking money out of your own profits to add to the flower bill so you can produce beautiful arrangement, overspending on paper, hiring additional set of speakers and not charging the client? The list can go on and on.

Remember, we can’t create something out nothing. We need resources to create. Our talent has no expression without required resources. When we work on a wedding we create a wedding day for our clients. Planners need workable budgets , DJs require equipment and vast music library, stationery companies require printing tools, paper and superior software to create stunning designs. Decorators and florists require stock, staff, transport and flowers to create. There is one more thing we all need, and that’s our talent, knowledge and experience. Do you charge for it?

Next time you are working on a quote, making a list of all the resources you require to deliver your product, don’t forget to add a line for your talent – after all it is your primary resource.



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    Nonceba Mothetho

    This post almost brought me to tears. Its comforting to know that i am not the only one who has gone through some of these.

    August 6th, 2014 11:20

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