What makes some companies successful whilst so many struggle? Why does it seem that some people are ‘lucky’ to make it big? Why does it seem easier for them?

From the very beginning a successful person/company chose to stand for something. They have defined their vision, their goals, their mission and their core values.  They sat down and wrote down exactly what they are about. To some it may sound like a convoluted noise made up of pretty words, but it gives a business a halo. It gives business a meaning. Having a meaning translates into fulfilment and that leads to the greatest creative heights.

Every company, no matter how successful, fights for survival every single day. Resources are limited, market place is limited. In our industry, anyone and everyone can become a wedding planner, florist, designer, photographer, cake maker or a stationer. There is no professional body that prescribes minimum required level of qualification for wedding professionals. And that is the beauty of our industry, everyone is welcome and we are free to express our creative freedom in any way we want. It is up to each one of us to showcase our art and find clients who will believe in authenticity and value of our creations.

Becoming successful in our industry requires hard work. There are no short cuts, no magic formula and there are no overnight success stories in our industry. It takes years of grafting, dedication and the journey starts with a magical idea and beautiful words. So take out a piece of paper and write down what you are about, and start creating your vision and your art. Create vision boards and claim space by bringing something new and exciting to this industry.

Richard Branson once said that if you are going to build a business that is slightly better than your competitor’s, don’t bother. Rather build a business that is so radical, so innovative so vastly different from everyone and that’s the only way you are going to stand out.

Your clients want to know that you are unique, authentic and dedicated to highest levels of creativity. They need to believe you are worthy, they need to know you stand for something and they will treasure your vision and they will take you to your success!

In my upcoming workshop, I will be focusing on SALES and an integral part of selling your services is being able to DEFINE your value and being able to do this starts with creating a clear vision for your success. Sign up for the upcoming wedding planning workshop by sending your details to workshops@evepoplett.com


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