Today is a bit of a personal blog post. Over the long weekend I decided to finally print AND frame AND hang on the wall some of the weddings I have planned or styled over the past 8 years.

Wedding planners are complex creatures. We live, we meet incredible people, we plan their weddings, we learn from them and with them and we grow with every wedding. Things get tough and then easier… then frustrating and then exhilarating -and that is the life of a wedding planner. The high of a wedding day followed by a massive post adrenaline slump.

So many of you read my blogs, some know me personally and some don’t. Those of you who met me will know how deeply I care for all my clients. I really do pour my heart and soul into every wedding I plan. On Friday night, I Instagramed the photo of the frames and within minutes I was getting amazing WhatsApp messages from the brides who spotted themselves. One bride, sent me a photo of herself and her husband with a brand new son she gave birth to that day – I still get goosebumps thinking of it. The truth is, wedding planners matter. That night when I was looking at my frames and reading messages, I realised that being a wedding planner is a special vocation. We get to share a small, but a very special part of our clinets’ lives. We get to create a beautiful wedding and a lasting memory. We are remembered.

Today, when I walked into my office and saw a wall full of beautiful faces, so many beautiful memories and I felt so motivated to plan many more incredible weddings.


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