Wedding planners operate in a highly emotional, stressful and deadline driven environment. Our successes are often defined by the ability to reach perspective brides, negotiate contract terms, successfully interpret the bride’s vision and execute an event with the available resources. We want our creative business to be respected, admired and praised. We all want to succeed and often for the same reasons – we want to improve our lives, we love the taste of winning, we need stimulation and we want to validate ourselves.

The key elements of success in a creative business are:


  • Profit
    Profitability is probably the first thing most people think about when measuring success. Is the business making money? This is fairly common sense — if there is money left after you have paid your monthly operating expenses and debt, then things are looking pretty good. However, if you find your bottom line is continually red, your chances of success begin to dwindle.In a wedding planning business generating a healthy profit is  possible by keeping overheads low, creating effective planning process, charging appropriate rates, managing time effectively and delievring a service you have been contracted to carry out. A wedding planning company is not a quantity based business. We cannot plan hundreds of weddings per year. The wedding planning process is time consuming, stressful and attention to detail is vital. Successfully improving your bank balance comes from the ability to negotiate a rate what allow you to pay your bills, generate income and stay in the creative zone.
  • Growing your customer base
    In addition to profitability, a growing customer base is a sure sign that you are effectively reaching your target market, and reaching your target market is what your business is all about. In the wedding industry,  the long-term growth of your company is tied directly to your ability to not only reach your customer base but to continuously recieve a word of mouth recommendations. Repeat business in weddings is not frequent, even a group of friends once married off will move onto the next life stage and unless your services include birthday parties, baby showers and other small celebrations they will not be part of your customer base for long. The idea is to produce weddings which attract new brides, have a strong reputation and supplier referral network, appealing web presence and print media appearances. Remember, making a great impression extends to the guests too as they are the ones who will be rating your performance, and sharing their reviews all over town
  • Customer satisfaction
    Customer satisfaction is an indication that your company understands the needs of your clients.  Understanding the needs of the couple and their immediate families and being able to satisfy their needs is crucial to the strength of your business. Just remember, one bad wedding can negate all other weddings.  As wedding planners we have no room for failure. Having strong  polices, clear service description will add to the success of the weddings you produce and the quality of service delivery. Processes are vital!
  • Owner satisfaction
    Perhaps the most important measure of a wedding business success is whether you — the owner — satisfied with the results of business ownership. Dissatisfaction is contagious and dangerous. If you’re not happy with your business, it won’t be long before your dissatisfaction begins to affect your relationship with couples, suppliers and even your family. Every once in a while set time aside for evaluate your own satisfaction levels. Identify the sources of your dissatisfaction and make the necessary changes before it’s too late. The beauty of having your own business is that you can change the business model any time you feel it is best. Being your own boss comes with responsibility but on the flip side your business should bring your fulfilment.

Success comes in many forms and shapes. Success requires focus, discipline and perseverance and in the end, success is worth it!




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    Joelene – Oh Happy Day

    Always love reading the sound advice and experience you offer in your articles. If you ever come to Durbs, I will be first in line to register for your workshop!

    March 13th, 2015 9:15

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