Today I am so excited to announce the launch of Splendid Wedding Planning and Design Academy.

2020 is my 13th year as a wedding planner so 13 January 2020 is an amazing date to launch something I have been working on for months.

SPLENDID WEDDING & DESIGN ACADEMY is an online virtual learning experience. The first course “Wedding Planning Course” is LIVE today and it is geared towards aspiring and novice wedding planners. It contains video content and comprehensive materials will allow learners to complete the course at their own pace wherever they are.

Weekly LIVE lectures will offer interactive experience to learners and monthly meet up sessions will allow for a interpersonal interactions and community building. Practical experience at Splendid events will offer learners exposure to the industry and accelerating their growth. 

In the upcoming months, more courses and mini courses will be released and will be geared towards addressing challenges South African and African Wedding Planners face. 

Our lives are extremely busy and we operate from all corners of Africa and thus online learning platform is an amazing opportunity to stay up to date with wedding planning practices, gain support and grow as a professional.

Check it out! Click here


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