You probably noticed that I didn’t blog a lot lately. This year has been really awesome. I got to travel a lot, from Mexico to Limpopo, and I got to do weddings outside of Gauging. Being out and about left little time for behind the computer activities.  This blog post is more of personal recollection of my journey to the Midlands, with phone photos of what I have been up.

The month of October took me to the Midlands for the weddings of Seline and Jaco at Netherwood and then Nicole and David’s wedding at Cranford Country Lodge. On 2 October, Loraine and I packed our tools and set off on a 5 hour journey. We had a great time in the car listening to my EPIC Road Tripping Playlist and following Loraine’s road trip diet of only eating yellow foods. I was as confused you are, but apparently there are lots of options such as chips, pizza, pies, yellow M&Ms, chomps, Lipton Ice Tea or Bos Iced Tea passed the test… basically all the unhealthy but really yummy treats.

Our arrival coincided with delivery of  flowers, talk about perfect timing and planning! Hundreds and hundreds of bunches of penny gum, ferns, ruscus and white dembrodium orchids were offloaded as we stretched out legs. From the very beginning, Seline wanted organic look. No roses –  firm instruction from the bride 😉 So there we were, Loraine and I, drowning the the sea of greenery. We didn’t have a crew on site, so the painful process of sorting, conditioning of flowers and filling buckets with water began. It was a great exercise and a very humbling experience too. It made me appreciate my team even more. I have to mention that whilst I was road tripping through the Midlands, my amazing team produced one EPIC wedding at Red Ivory. I AM SOOOOO PROUD!

So hundreds of bunches of penny gum, hundreds of meters of wire and a bunch of hoola hoops is what it took to make this wedding. The work was fun just rather messy, our hands were in shreds and who knew that one 4 meter cascading floral runner takes THAT long to make! Luckily when fabulous Rensche Mari arrived, she brought some tunes, food and wine with her and there was even some dancing in between the ferns and buckets the night before the wedding.

The best thing about this wedding was how helpful everyone were. Seline’s cousins were sent to the hall to help us hang wreaths. It took three strong men to hang the wreaths. I was fortunate to have Joelene from Oh Happy Days assisting me, her help was invaluable. She is a rockstar!

I think it it turned out pretty awesome. In the morning there was the usual chaos of getting everything ready for the wedding. We were slightly delayed on the way to the venue by the herd of cows just chilling. Loved this rustic experience. It was a lot of fun, we danced the night away and Netherwood is now one of my favourite venues! cannot wait to be back there next year. You can see the full wedding by visiting Rensche Mari’s website.


behind the scenes4 behind the scenes3 behind the scenes of creating a beautiful wedding


behind the scenes of creating a beautiful wedding

After Seline and Jaco’s wedding, Rensche and I went to Umhalanga for a few relaxing days. Umhalnga is my home town and I love going back there. Sitting on the beach, swimming in the ocean is the best therapy in the world. It was lovely catching up with friends at The Oyster Box, (their high tea is extraordinary and highly recommended), loved having wedding industry discussion with Chanelle  Segerious Bruce and Jenna.

IMG_6304 IMG_6256 IMG_6268 IMG_6276

A few days later I had to start the prep for Nicole and David’s wedding. This time is was much more challenging, as I was doing the flowers alone. Once again, thank goodness for Joelene, did I mention she is a superstar?!


top wedding planner johannesburg


Working outside of the comfort zone was hard. I love flowers, but I really missed my awesome team, studio and everything that was familiar. It was still an awesome experience. It allowed me to be alone and really think about this wedding business, my journey and what I want to do in the future. In a way,this experience was like a floral boot camp – me, myself and I (just like the old days) doing it all. Three hundred and fifty kilograms of flowers took some work. Working in the foreign space, I was once again reminded just how much waste flowers leave. Arranging flowers is fun, it’s the clean up that killed me! Joelene’s assistance once again was invaluable and brides in Natal need to seriously consider this resourceful wedding planner.

The images from this wedding have not been released yet, but you can see Top Billing insert here (totally blind… being on TV is so awkward, please don’t judge).

Driving back to Jozi was dull and boring. The pressure of entertaining and high pace of October started to take its toll. I blasted Armin van Buuren on full volume and drank whole lot of Red Bull. It was wonderful to come back home to my family after being away for 18 days. After a looooooong sleep, I started telling my husband all the stories about the trip and I realised just how blessed I am doing what I do. I am so grateful to Seline and Jaco, and Nicole and David for making me part of their weddings. I am so grateful to the amazing friends I made along the way. I am so grateful for my talent that takes me to incredible places, allowing me to bring happiness and beauty to people.

I wanted to post these personal recollections and photos because that is how weddings happen. There is no magic. Beautiful weddings happen because someone makes then happen, in fact a group of people make magic happen by working together. It is one thing to see stunning images of a wedding on the blogs and admire all the beautiful details, but there is always a less glamarous story behind each wedding. There was blood (yes injuries happen, luckily minor this time), there was sweat (a lot of it) and there were even tears… Having said that, it is all about attitude. An attitude is a difference between an adventure and an ordeal. I chose to have an adventure!

Thanks for reading.


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