You don’t have a fancy office and feel this is a disadvantage especially when it comes to charging your rates. Many planners feel that if they do not have an office they cannot charge higher rates. The irony is that if you do not generate appropriate income then you will never get to the point when you can rent office space.

If you ever want to be taken seriously as a professional you need to present yourself in a  professional manner. To be a wedding planner you need a cell phone, computer, decent ADSL connection and a transport. You need a working space too.

Everyone have different set ups. You may be able to host meetings at you house. If not, you need to get creative.

Here are some suggestions:

1. You can look into hiring an office space from Regus Office Park or similar

2. Share office space with other suppliers

3. Host your meetings at a wedding venue. Some hotels have boardrooms which you can hire out for a day. You can negotiate a good rate and then have your consultations with potential clients all in one day.

Avoid meeting your potential clients at noisy and busy restaurants. There is too much going on and you will not be able to focus on getting your sales pitch across if you get constantly interrupted.

I advise against meeting potential clients at their home, especially in the evenings.

Another piece of advice, never apologise for your set up, just make it work. You are working to earn an income and you are working so that one day you can afford that fancy office.



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