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Happy Monday and welcome to the brand new week. We all start a week with great intentions, big plans and often by Wednesday the plans fizzle and we get caught up in unnecessary tasks that drain time, creativity and then we look back at the end of the week and we are no way closer to our plans than before. If this sounds familiar then here are a few tips you can try out.

1. Define your goals. Set aside time on Monday and make a list of 5 tasks you want to achieve during the week. For example, you may want t0 sign up more clients, make new connection with supplies, dedicate time to your blog, style a shoot, etc.

2. Look at your list and prioritise, which task is most important?

3. What actions do you need to take to achieve each task? Write it down and allocate time to each action.

4. Don’t put away to tomorrow what you can do today . If an action on your list is something that makes you the most uncomfortable then start with that action.

5. Do not let stumbling blocks stop you from pursuing your goals. Keep at it. If you are unable to achieve your goal, try a different approach.

The most important thing to remember about creative business is that you need to work with people to pursue your own goals. People are social creatures and making a meaningful connection is a lot easier when you are talking to a living and breathing human being. Do not make a mistake of running your business from behind your computer screen – you are a wedding planner and weddings don’t happen on the computer screen they happen in real life.

Being a business owner requires great discipline, dedication and hard work. We all know that, heard that and are living this truth. Don’t get weighed down by ‘hard work’ aspect, work smarter rather than harder. Make your tasks fun, go for a coffee date with a supplier you want to collaborate it with, just don’t forget to achieve your goals whilst enjoying yourselves. Grab your laptop and go to the public area and work along side of other entrepreneurs. Attend meet ups, workshops, conferences to establish a broader network, expand your horizon and find new opportunities. You are a wedding planner and you need to be in a public space, so look at the upcoming events – art galleries, book launches, fashion shows are great places to feel the creative force,  meet incredible people and find amazing opprtunities. Rethink the way you interact with your work.

You are a wedding planner, so go out there and be fabulous!



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