Invest in yourself – a 2015 buzz word.

I read an article by  Dr. Carmen Harra. She noted that we invest in the latest appliances and gadgets to organize/complicate our lives, hopeful business ventures, and other people’s dreams. We dress according to trends and style our hair from magazines. But in doing so, are we doing what we love or do we love conforming to the whims of the world? Are we truly free, or is our freedom entirely dependent on the impressions of others?

This is a profound question, especially to the creative industry. We research, buy new stock, fonts, latest shades of fabric and ribbons.  We invest into latest technology – new computer, new camera, new, new, new… We continuously invest into ‘stuff’ that we hope will make us better. We look at Pinterest and Instagram and we hope to get inspired by the images. The more we look the more dissatisfied we are, the more we feel we need to get… to get closer to that image of perfection. Continuously aspiring to reach the levels other already attained is a poor sense of measurement of  one’s own creative force.

Here is a thing that most don’t get… designers, creatives, florists and photographers who are behind creating awe inspiring pictures do not hide behind the ‘stuff’. They have skills, knowledge, understanding and experience. Their experience is valuable. The courage is inspirational. They can think faster, they can create faster – why? Because they have made the mistakes, learnt from them, put in new processes in place, they fail and got up again, and again, and again.

master vs beginner

Knowing how to operate the latest software, understanding space, being able to have correct flower count for mass arrangements, knowing how to create mass installations and so forth is not a natural born talent, but skills that are taught and learnt. Investing in education is more important than buying pretty vases and gimmicks thats suppose to help you be better. You can have the best gear or the most beautiful vases in the world, but if you don’t have technique, knowledge of how to use it or understanding of how to market yourself you will fail. Only you yourself can get better. Only you can bring your talent out and then use the ‘stuff’ to help you, it is not the other way around. And when you are better your creative business will flourish.

Preston Bailey started over 30 years ago and it took him decades to get to his level. He shares his knowledge for $2500 (+/- R30 000) for a 2 day workshop. Yet his every word is worth every cent. One tip from an expert can save you thousands of rands and years worth of failing. 

Investing in yourself  means buying business books, subsribing to webinars, attending workshops international or local, participating in conferences, signing up for courses that are related to your speciality such as writing, gourmet cooking, painting, etc.

If you invest in yourself, you will reap the rewards. Opening up your horizons to new skills, knowledge and experiences of others will propel you to greater heights, it will help you to refine and express your true self. New knowledge will inspire you! Knoweldge is power – it leads to confidence and confidence leads to success. Once your talent finds a way to true expression, then the world will notice you.


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    Rensche Mari

    Great read! We talk about this so often 😉 but it is true.

    Investing in workshops/conferences and mentor sessions has been a guide to get my business on the right track to success.

    April 22nd, 2015 9:24
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    Jolindi van der Merwe

    Well said! Thank you for the inspirational article. We all forget this most of the time.

    May 3rd, 2015 11:48

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