It’s a chilly Friday across South Africa and to brighten up the mood I want to share something fun and lighthearted. Wedding planners treasure our winter weekends when we get to spend the whole weekend curled up on the couch watching movies, reading books and in my case resisting moving around at all. I must say, I really do miss the madness of the wedding season and adrenalin rush of a wedding day but I keep on reminding myself to enjoy the down time.

This winter, my daughters and I have been watching old wedding movies and really enjoying a good laugh. Here is a list of FIFTY romantic wedding movies to keep you busy  and here are my favorite ones:

FATHER OF THE BRIDE (my all time favorite)

This movie was screened 26 years ago and a true classic, I remember watching it with my mom long before I became a wedding planner and adoring the wedding planner Frank. This movie made me laugh how 26 years ago planning a wedding had the same issues, it also reminded me that as a wedding planner we often don’t see the full extent of emotions families go through when planning a wedding. Being patient and kind during stressful months is part of wedding planner’s service and I choose Frank is my ultimate wedding guru!

The actual wedding is so beautiful and could easily trend in 2017 – another great reminder why classic colour palette and beautiful flowers will remain timeless.


I ADORE Julia Roberts and watching this lovely romantic comedy as a wedding planner I HATE the lead character but totally LOVE wedding flowers, decor and overall styling. I just keep on thinking, GOSH can you imagine if this wedding was called off? This is why wedding suppliers must be paid upfront. We simply cannot base our business on the turbulent dramatic relationships of our clients.


A modern adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel, Pride and Prejudice (one of my all favorite classics), that features the lives of four unmarried daughters in an Indian family. I love the flair that comes with Indian weddings and beautiful dancing.


Like I said, I adore Julia Roberts and can watch this comedy time and time again and I cannot help but think this woman is every wedding planner’s dream client :-0

PS The Wedding Planner is NOT on my list of favorite movies. Share your favorite movie and why!


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