Freedom and creativity go hand in hand. Freedom comes from within, and creativity needs freedom to thrive. Too often, in this crazy, busy and oversaturated world, creatives tend to lose focus and confidence and instead of nurturing own creative forces we compromise own self-expression for the benefit of what is already out there. Of course it is much easier to look at the mood board put together by the bride and copy it (my dear friend Rensche coined a phrase “it’s not a mood board, it is a copy board”) instead of spending hours, days, months researching, sketching, measuring and then working on the designs from stretch. Plus you don’t have to convince clients of your vision, that it will work and in fact will look unbelievable. Our clients are limited by their search engine and the key is not to let their limitations spill over into our creative process. Do whatever it takes to stand your ground and create your best work based on your inherent and authentic creative self. Only then you will reach the realm of never ending and exciting posibilities to wow your audience.

Here is my list of to-dos when I start feeling like my creativity is trapped:

  1. Spend time alone, not working at our computer or tapping away on social media, but alone with my thoughts, notebook, and a pencil. I write down my thoughts, desires, ideas and random surges of inspiration. I sketch, I write and I dream.
  2. I act on my ideas. I have learnt that sitting on an idea often leads to seeing that idea somewhere else. I believe in going out and making things happen. My advice is to only share your ideas with fellow creatives you trust
  3. Not looking around at what others are doing and focus only on what I am doing. I made a conscious decision to create from within. My intention is to create memorable and beautiful weddings is the driving force behind my creativity for the upcoming wedding season
  4. I write down words describing my style of work and before I start my day, I read those words. For example, I HATE word ‘simple’ especially when it comes to weddings. Last week, when I got an email asking for yet another ‘very simple’ floral quote, a phrase came to mind “I don’t do simple. I do SPLENDID”. I wrote it down and now it is my motivational phrase.
  5. I spend time not working. This is probably the hardest task, but taking time off to spend time chilling with my kids, cook, bake, garden, read a book and just relax is so important

Do you have a list of things you do when you need to find a way back to your own creative self?



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