Weddings are becoming more and more complex and yet there are still only 24 hours in a day. Brides and grooms face professional and personal demands in their every day to day lives, so when it comes to planning a wedding in a modern world hiring a wedding planning company is a great solution.

There is a major difference between getting married and having a wedding. A wedding is an event. It is an investment into couple’s memory bank. This one day will  require substantial financial output which needs to be managed correctly. Wedding planners are the experts who understand what is required to make a wedding a successful event.

Here are five reasons why every wedding should have a wedding planner:

1. Couples and families underestimate just how much time goes into planning a wedding.

2. It is easy to make a mistake when it comes to choosing a date, venue and suppliers costing not only valuable and often limited resources but delaying the planning process and putting the success of a wedding at risk.

3. On average, people tend to overspend by 20% on their wedding making unnecessary purchases, making incorrect decisions and simply being victims of ‘up sell’ techniques by getting emotional during the purchasing decision.

4. A wedding planner is a priority client to to other suppliers because of the ongoing relationship and suppliers are always more willing to go an extra mile for a wedding with a wedding planner

5. They will make the whole planning process enjoyable and stress free because they know what needs to be done, and how to make it happen.


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