I have been very quiet over the last few months. After the Time and Light Workshop in May and my trip to Engage 15 Mexico, my life has been filled with incredible life experiences. This year, I booked a lot less weddings which allowed me to be open to exciting opportunities which presented themselves during the year. I stopped writing, but only because my head has been filled with so many conflicting thoughts and doubts and I didn’t want to confuse anyone. I asked myself every day if what I do actually matters. Is being a wedding planner worth all the sacrifice? Are beautiful flowers worth all the effort, sleepless nights and horrible hands? Is chasing hundreds of likes on the Instagram pic is worth all the trouble? Why are people so difficult? How much of service is enough to satisfy a negative person? What if there are people who cannot be happy with anything? Why are people so unkind and would love to see others fail? What if I fail? What if…

I almost gave up everything because I could not deal with any more conflict, budget cuts, expectations and fear. My passion almost disappeared,  slowly being chipped away by negativity, hardship and disrespect. Yet, I am the one who allowed it. I have to take full responsibility for my own hell, I created it and only I can change it.

So the second half of the year has been about finding myself, and trying to answer my own questions. I have been truly blessed with these amazing women in my life (Rensche, my Jess, LORAINE, Cynthia, Joelene) whose support means so much to me; and my stunning clients, whose weddings are so dear to my heart. I have only 3 more weddings left this year and they are going to be amazing!

I am starting to learn how to stand up and defend myself against people who take advantage of me, or try and bully me so they can get more out of me. I am learning how to fight back and no longer accept unreasonable people’s demands. I am choosing my relationships carefully and only allowing very few people into my private world. I had to become harder around the edges, something I do not like but finding it rather useful. I am learning how to shut out the noise created by egos and just work on projects I feel are worth my creative self. I am choosing to share my art and my passion with people who treat me well, appreciate me, and want to get married because they actually love each other. And I also decided that 2016 will be my final year planning weddings, as the company’s focus will be shifting towards producing weddings by the planners I am training. So for the next 12 months I will strive to plan and produce incredible weddings, push my creativity to new heights and at the same time stay open to incredible opportunities. The sun is shining brighter on this 20 October as I am writing this post and I truly excited for what lies ahead!

So, if you want to to ask me anything, or share my thoughts about something important to you, maybe drop me an email. I would love to hear from all of you.


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    Eve, you are an inspiration to this industry and I’m so blessed to have had the chance to work with you this month!

    YES what you do matters.

    This post was bittersweet for me, because I know this is a decision you have not made on a whim, but also because being able to focus on projects that reflect your creative self must be a very liberating feeling. You go Girl!

    Keep your head up high and focus on all the beauty you bring to this world!


    October 20th, 2015 10:02
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    I find myself at the very same crossroad you are at, and have lately just been so incredibly creatively drained by all the, as you put it so well, negative energy. It’s tough, as out of all the really great clients, you will get the odd two or three that just are never satisfied, which places a damper on your entire experience as a professional.

    Eve, I wish you all the very best for your future endeavors and may God continue to shine over you the way he has. Everything you do is always with incredible passion and it shows each time you present yourself artistically to the world.

    God bless.

    October 20th, 2015 17:25

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