1. WEDDING PLANNERS ARE NEEDED – in fact, they play the most important role in creating a successful wedding. Wedding Planners are useful, helpful and important.
2. BE BOLD – if you want your business to succeed you cannot be timid, afraid or average
3. CHARGE WHAT YOU WANT/NEED – wedding industry is unregulated. That means there is no industry standard as to what needs to be charged. You have the power to decide what you need and want to earn. If your product, dedication and passion match the price, you will get a client
4.CHARGE DESIGN FEE – yes, this came up consistently in every workshop and talk. If this becomes a standard practice then you will no longer waste time and can start earning money
5. BE AUTHENTIC – stand up for yourself, your vision and your business. Don’t look around, look inside.
6. DEMAND RESPECT – if you don’t demand respect for the value you bring to the table, why should clients give it to you?
7. INVEST IN YOURSELF – this comes in a form of attending conferences, workshops, traveling, learning new skills and expending your horizons.
8. BUDGET – Your client cannot dictate a budget and expect a miracle. The budget is a playing field which will determine what can happen. Do not be afraid of walking away from the wedding with inadequate budget. Ask yourself, with the budget at hand can you create a wedding you would be proud of, the client would be happy with, AND at the same time allows you to earn well? If the answer is ‘NO’ then walk away.
9. TECHNOLOGY – use it. Discover ways to simplify your life and explore creative possibilities of using technology at weddings
10. EXPERIENCE – everything has to be an experience, from your website to an actual wedding planning process. If you are in the luxury wedding business, you have to offer a memorable experience.


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