Today wedding planner’s weekly ZOOM session took place. In the midst of the uncertainty and lack of clarity, we put our heads together to come up with possible solutions for dealing with COVID-19 impact on wedding businesses.

At the moment we are not planning weddings, we are saving our businesses, the wedding industry whilst balancing being human and dealing with own personal challenges as a result of this unforeseen and unpresidented pandemic.

There is a concern from planners about the impact of postponements into 2021 and the lack of income until 2021. Following strategies were discussed:

  • Work out possible solutions with your current client base. For example, keep your original wedding date and have a smaller/intimate wedding (if regulations are relaxed) and have a BIG party in 2021 as planned.
  • Encourage more intimate/style shoot inspired weddings and possibly elopements.
  • Reach out to your supplier base to establish their policies with regards to postponements
  • Keep communicating with clients throughout the lockdown.
  • Schedule a ZOOM meeting with a client and ALL suppliers involved in the wedding. This will allow for swift confirmation of dates and resolution of any questions that the client and suppliers may have when it comes to moving the date. This places a wedding planner into a facilitator role and, in some scenarios, not the ‘bearer of bad news’. It helps suppliers to state their policies and have an open discussion and enter into negotiation with the client.
  • Discuss ‘worst case scenario’.
  • Once the new date has been set, work out new schedule for deliverables, meetings and outline engagement with clients.

Another factor emerged – most wedding planners, designers, florists are taking online courses, attending webinars, ZOOM sessions and upgrading their skillsets and investing in their professional growth. COVID-19 granted creatives the time they never had before to do things they always wanted to do. Our clients will have 2021 upgraded wedding planner model at pre-COVID-19 2020 price!

POSTPONEMENT works in client’s favour!

If you are a planner and want o sign up for weekly ZOOM sessions, send an email to with out name and email address.

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