I came across this quote in the morning whilst having a cup of tea and doing some pre-work social media sweep. It made me laugh out loud. Being creatives we are always being judged. Often, we judge ourselves, we judge our art, our creations and scrutinise everything. Every time we post an image of our work, somebody out there will judge the image and will judge ‘us’. You can either embrace it or it will destroy you.

I had a call yesterday from a fellow wedding planner who told me about a critical comment passed about my choice of chairs on an image a planner posted of my work on her social media. To my surprise, it didn’t bother me at all. However, it made me think of the judgements we pass. It is probably a second nature for a creative to look for flaws, but to post them on social media is probably not the best form.

Here is my simple list of what can influence the quality of the wedding, and before I judge fellow planner’s or florist’s work harshly, I would consider these 5 factors:

  1. We live in South Africa, at the bottom of the world and it is a 3rd world country. We simply do not have access to the latest and greatest furniture, linens and decorations. We have to get super creative and make do with what we have. It does push our creativity.
  2. Quality. Raise your hand if you ever received a delivery and it was simply unacceptable – ranging from badly damaged chairs, to badly creased tablecloths and dirty furniture… I rest my case.
  3. Unrealistic and limited set up time. Some venues impose strict set up times and beautiful productions require time. not every client can pay for an extra day of set up and there is only so much that can be achieved in 2-4 hour turn around time.
  4. Unforeseen circumstances. Wedding planners/decorators deal with uncertainty. There is a reason why our profession is one of the most stressful in the world. We assume responsibility for others and it is our job to fix other people’s failures. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes of one photo.
  5. Budget. One word that determines everything!

There is one more element… client’s choices and preferences. There are times when I may disagree with the client’s decision to use one chair over the other, or I may not be a fan of their colour preferences but int he end it is their wedding and I have to honour their wishes.


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