Beautiful work

“Beautiful work looks expensive because it is expensive to produce. So it is expensive” Todd Fiscus

If you are following Engage14 on Twitter then you probably seen this quote reposted a number of times. I love the simplicity of this statement. I love how in 2 sentences it captures why good wedding suppliers need to charge – to create beautiful weddings.

Let’s look at how it translates across various disciplines:

1. A wedding venue needs to spend money on to build, maintain, and continue to upgrade of their facilities is order to provides couples with a beautiful setting

2. Wedding photographers invest thousands in their gear, education, layout spreads, printing in order to give their clients gorgeous images

3. Wedding videographers invest thousands in their gear, education, editing software to create a stunning film for their clients

4. Stationery companies need to own good equipment to be able to produce their design, they invest thousands into purchasing fonts, layouts, upgrading their software per annum to be able to stay abreast with latest trends. Beautiful paper is expensive and so are all trimmings

5. A make-up artist who is known for making brides glow to perfection have invested in their education and a pretty expensive and impress tool kit. Their  palette range is vast and yes expensive.

6. Hair stylists too, need to have all the fancy tools to be able to do their job properly.

7. Flowers and decor well this part is a pretty big section. Beautiful styling happens when there are adequate resources to create. Beautiful flowers are expensive. Beautiful candles are expensive. Beautiful decor is expensive. The list goes on and on.

8. Last but not least is the catering. Good food costs good money.

I said this before, in order to create a beautiful wedding we need adequate resources. And as wedding suppliers, we cannot charge only for the resources but also for our expertise, experience and equipment because it cost us hundreds of thousands of Rands to attain.


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