Over the last few months I have been writing a lot about the business side of running a creative business. Creative business is beautiful, fun and very fulfilling and I love it.

The thing is, my creativity requires resources. I can have most incredible designs in my mind but to execute them I need raw materials. My abilities are vast but their parameters are set by the budget. My designs have direct correlation to the available budget.

The biggest mistake I made in my early days is not being honest with clients about it. You see, many weddings planners often think that they must listen to the client’s wishes and use their availble  funds to make the dream come true. In some cases this can be impossible. Working with unrealistic expectations is the number 1 cause of all stress and disagreement between the client and the planner. What many creatives often do, is that they create in accordance with the specified budget and make no money in the process.

Avoid this trap. Be honest with your clients, take time to educate them. Ask them about their vision and then compare it to their financial resources. When you are creative you can always find amazing solutions and create awesome designs, maybe not what the client originally wanted but still beautiful and special. Just remember, your creativity and your ideas have value too, never undervalue or undercharge for your creative services. It is the only way you can  continue to create.



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