A few years ago, someone I respect and admire deeply asked me an interesting question: ” Are you a florist or are you a designer?”.

That was when I was still figuring out my place in the wedding industry. However, I feel it was a pivotal questions which gave me direction and aspirations.

Then, I never stopped to consider the difference. It was about getting a client, any client, and make their tables look pretty. In a way, it was a job. After all, a  florist can take a picture a client brings and replicate it, to the T. There is not much creativity involved, the process is rather manual. The biggest challenge is to source flowers/decor to suit the look of the presented image and then put it together.

On the other hand, a designer is someone who creates concepts, a design for a specific couple and breathes life into a table, room, and the whole event. A designer sees the bigger picture and always strives to create something new, exciting and fresh.

Today, I will tell you with absolute certainty that I am a designer.

The difference is that I am not longer interested in making 10 centerpieces to put in a middle of the tables. I strive to create beautiful and awe inspiring setting which is designed to represent my client’s vision – flowers, decor, lights are just details of the bigger picture.

I have florist abilities, in fact I have exceptional abilities and can create any centerpiece – big or small. I know my flowers from A to Z, and understand importance of proportions and symmetry. But what is important is that I can ‘see’ a concept by just talking with my  clients. And what I ‘see’ has not been done before. I do not have a picture of that design in my portfolio because that event has not happened yet. All I need is for my client to say a word, recall a memory, share a dream and my mind is spinning with possibilities.

Styling a wedding is a creative partnership between my clients and myself. It is about figuring out how we are going to bring their story to the wedding. All brides want to be different, and having me on their side that becomes a possibility.

As a designer I can create a spectacular wedding for my clients by helping them make right decision, using my experience and knowledge I can guide them to thinking in new and exciting ways. A designer is not restricted in any way, a designer has a talent and ability to create.

A rose is a rose, a vase is a vase and table is a table, but a designer can use those tools to create a masterpiece which the rest will strive to replicate tomorrow.

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    Soso Dekeda

    This is some powerful insight that you are sharing here!

    August 5th, 2014 6:08

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