My wedding planning workshop is coming up in a month and I am excited about spending 2 days with great wedding planners. If you are still considering wether it is worth attending a workshop then this article is for you. Ask yourself is your wedding planning business giving you an income you deserve? Are you able to support yourself and your family? Are you traveling? Are you saving? Are you satisfied with your current wedding planning strategies or do you feel like something is missing? Do you want to be an incredible wedding planner and have a social life too?

After almost 10 years in the business I have gained great insights into planning successful weddings whilst being a wife, a mother and a world traveler. Growing the wedding industry and seeing wedding planners succeed is one of my passions. I believe there is business for us all, and planning incredible weddings and leading a fulfilling life is a great way to earn a living.

Here is what you can expect at my wedding planning workshop:

Amazing Setting

The Four Seasons is an international luxury hotel group. Experiencing luxury and high levels of service is crucial for wedding planners, this allows us to extend our own personal experiences to our clients and guests at a wedding.

Focused Learning

You get to concentrate on you and fill in the gaps of what you feel is missing from your  business. Information is incredibly valuable and I will be sharing my experiences of working on over 300 diverse weddings as well as my strategies, organisational skills, budget spreadsheet and wedding planning manual.

Action and Implementation

You get to stretch your mind, hear fresh ideas and then implement them in your own wedding planning business. I am generous with information and you will be able to ask me anything wedding planning related. I am open about discussing prices, commission issues and challenges wedding planners face when working with wedding suppliers. I will share what has worked for my business, advice I received from international business consultants, attorneys and financial planners.

 Building Long Term Relationships with Other Planners

Being a wedding planner means you can get stuck behind your computer and not meet people other than your couples or your suppliers. At the workshop you will meet colleagues, then you will share meals together where you can chat and get a variety of opinions about your business, life and otherwise. Creating a supportive networking of collegues is essential. Having people you can trust and depend on is invaluable when you are facing tough jobs or personal life issues. You can find reliable planners who can fill in for you on jobs, or who can offer solid advice and a listening ear, having this kind of safety net can make all the difference when times are tough.

Creating Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures

Here’s the place to start making them. When you’re open to them you’ll find connections easily. Great things happen when people talk and connect.

Free Thinking, Having Fun and Making Memories

Most of us have so much to think about whether it be with running our business, family, job or all.  Taking yourself out of your daily life for two days and putting yourself in an environment to think creatively and you will find big money ideas will come of it. It can be very beneficial to swap stories and support one a other. Being an entrepreneur or one in the making can be very trying. Why not find people who you want to enjoy the ride with?


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