Being a wedding planner is fabulous. We get to plan weddings, we get to make people happy and we get to create a beautiful memories that will be treasured forever! The glitz and the glam of the job does come with some harsh realities.

Reality 1: There is no work|life balance

Wedding planning happens during the week. Weddings happen on the weekend. Wedding planning is a 7 day a week job. Your passion will fuel you, but be careful. Too much work and no down time will result in a burn out. Make sure you take a few solid breaks during the year, switch off and reset your energy levels.

Reality 2: Loosing friends

You will loose friends who cannot respect your time schedules and demands of your career. You will loose friends who become jealous of your successes. On the upside, you will learn who your true friends are.

Reality 3: Your will get jaded

Wedding planning is essentially a project. It has a beginning, middle and the end. After hundreds of projects you will get jaded. It will come in a form of frustrations, impatience and dissatisfaction. The best way to remedy this, is to continue to push your boundaries, innovate your art and strive for excellence.

Reality 4: You will fail

You will make mistakes. Things will not go according to plan. You will drop a ball. It will delight you competitors. The question is, how will you react? Will you choose to be humiliated or with humility, accept a lesson you had to learn, move on and keep on pushing to be the best wedding planner?

Reality 5: You will have to make hard decisions…

Especially when it comes to your business.  Clients are difficult and wedding suppliers are difficult. This is a very competitive business. Ideas get claimed, misunderstandings happen and egos need to be managed. As a wedding planner you will have to work with 5 -10 suppliers at the time, managing their process, deliverables, attitudes and even moods so that your client can have the best. Being a great wedding planner often means giving up popularity.

These are some harsh realities of being a wedding planner I encountered. Yet every lesson I’ve  learnt helped to shape me. Every hard situation helped me to become a better wedding planner. Building a a successful wedding planning business is not a sprint, it is a marathon. And every obstacle you face is there to help you get better and better. I guess, another reality of being a wedding planner is that we can never stop learning and growing!


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