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Wedding stylists and floral designers create fairy tale weddings! Wedding styling refers to the design work which starts with conceptualising the look and feel of a wedding using various elements such as flowers, decor items, lighting and other elements to create a breathtaking visual and sensory experience with a distinct desire to impress. So we start with meeting our clients, we establish the vision and then we create beautiful weddings....

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Splendid Wedding and Design Academy LIVE!

Today I am so excited to announce the launch of Splendid Wedding Planning and Design Academy. 2020 is my 13th year as a wedding planner so 13 January 2020 is an amazing date to launch something I have been working on for months. SPLENDID WEDDING & DESIGN ACADEMY is an online virtual learning experience. The first course "Wedding Planning Course" is LIVE today and it is geared towards aspiring and...

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