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Bad economy, now what?

Let's face it, 2016 is a pretty hard year for South Africa and the world. South African economy is at 0% growth, rate hikes, fuel price hikes, food cost escalating, possible credit rating downgrade, terrible exchange rate, service delivery protests and strikes along with uncertain political future add up to a pretty gloomy picture. Terrorist attacks and political turmoil sweeping the world making long distance travel an unappealing option. No...

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Wedding Planning Series | Where to Start

So you booked a client, what's next? Very often, the hardest point is to start wedding planning process on the right foot.  Every couple is very different, with different ideas and requirements; some already booked their venue, or a photographer or even sent out their save the dates... Where do you fit into this picture and how do you take control of the situation right from the world GO? One of...

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Free your creativity

Freedom and creativity go hand in hand. Freedom comes from within, and creativity needs freedom to thrive. Too often, in this crazy, busy and oversaturated world, creatives tend to lose focus and confidence and instead of nurturing own creative forces we compromise own self-expression for the benefit of what is already out there. Of course it is much easier to look at the mood board put together by the bride...

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