Posts in December, 2015

Celebrating 2015

Today is the last Monday of 2015, looking back I am celebrating the most incredible year. This year, I have planned and styled 16 weddings. I spent years working most weekends (sometimes on more than one wedding per weekend), so taking on less weddings this year was a huge deal for me. I don't regret it, not even for a moment. Having less weddings made me calmer, better, more focused and more creative....

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Splendid Road Trip

You probably noticed that I didn't blog a lot lately. This year has been really awesome. I got to travel a lot, from Mexico to Limpopo, and I got to do weddings outside of Gauging. Being out and about left little time for behind the computer activities.  This blog post is more of personal recollection of my journey to the Midlands, with phone photos of what I have been up....

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