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Invest in yourself

Invest in yourself - a 2015 buzz word. I read an article by  Dr. Carmen Harra. She noted that we invest in the latest appliances and gadgets to organize/complicate our lives, hopeful business ventures, and other people's dreams. We dress according to trends and style our hair from magazines. But in doing so, are we doing what we love or do we love conforming to the whims of the world? Are...

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Time & Light Workshop

The Time and Light Workshop will take place in Clarence on 25-28 May 2015. It is aimed at wedding planners who want to learn how to elevate their business to the next level. The wedding industry is rapidly changing and information needs to be customised in order to meet the diverse needs of the South African wedding market. Investing into your business is a crucial part of growing your business....

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Vision and Success

What makes some companies successful whilst so many struggle? Why does it seem that some people are 'lucky' to make it big? Why does it seem easier for them? From the very beginning a successful person/company chose to stand for something. They have defined their vision, their goals, their mission and their core values.  They sat down and wrote down exactly what they are about. To some it may sound like...

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