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Je Suis Charlie

Wednesday’s lethal attack in Paris on the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, that killed ten journalists and two policemen, with 10 more injured left me shocked. As we are all planning our glorious 2015, feeling all optimistic and full of plans, this atrocity happens. Dark cloud is hanging over Europe and the world. This dark cloud, I feel, will stay with us for a long time. As a wedding planner in South Africa,...

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Celebrity Wedding

  I was relaxing by the pool sipping on a refreshing Mojito my husband made me, looking up at the beautiful African sky and enjoying with every fibre of my being the indulgence of the festive season laziness.  Then I get a call, then a message from a very darling photographer that made me laugh - a celebrity couple getting married in 10 days time, can I help? Sure, why not, I...

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Welcome to the new year!

  Good day everyone! Welcome to the new year! I wish you all a wonderful, creative and a prosperous 2015! For me, the last year whizzed past, created a whirlpool of exciting, challenging, rewarding, confusing, frustrating and exhilarating moments. If you haven't seen what I have been up to with my company Splendid Wedding Company, you can always read about it now I am looking forward to 2015, I am filled...

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